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Amateur 'romance' fanfictions are awful and heres why:
Harry's feminine eyes gazed lovingly at Draco. "Oh Malfoy! This is so wrong!" He said, as his dainty, girly hand submissively groped Draco's thick, veiny, masculine woodpecker which oozed with testosterone and misogyny. "But, it feels so right!"

Lupin forces children to show their fears in front of classmates
In Prisoner of Azkaban a professor bullies children and an author doesn't undersand what fear is. A useless rant about an old book that I actually love, I promise.

I hate political merch
Why do people wear political merch or those bumper stickers? - A very non-comprehensive ramble breadly covering this topic.

SAT Scandal: Rich people fool us again!
50 people charged in widescale scam to get rich people's kids into college, nobody surprised.

The Obituary of the Mars Robot Opportunity: the american spirit lives on with you
I already broke the theme of my site with the first article, this one's pretty positive. RIP you wonderful robot.